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Filing tax returns can be a headache for most businesses. Keeping track of expenses and income and consolidating all receipts and reports manually becomes an irksome process. Simplify it with QuickBooks taxation services. The software enables you to automate several procedures and identify some common inefficiencies associated with your account books.

Many small businesses actually ignore tax planning until the time comes to meet with tax advisors. However, the truth is tax planning is an ongoing process and good tax advise is as valuable as filing taxes on time. It is beneficial for you to review your income and expenditure accounts and analyze how you can take advantage of QuickBooks range of features, tools and provisions that are available for you.

  • QuickBooks contains some tax specific tools that help you calculate your taxes efficiently without any errors. The software’s interface supports many different tax forms including 1040, 1120, and 1065.
  • While preparing your taxes, it is crucial to check the company information to ensure that the right tax form is available for you in QuickBooks.
  • You need to ensure that the tax related accounts are assigned to the right tax line on the form available in the software. There is a provision called “Tax Line Mapping”. It is important later that you export data to the software or run tax reports.
  • QuickBooks enables you to run accurate tax reports whenever you are preparing your taxes. For instance, the Income Tax Preparation Report lists out your accounts and the tax line which is assigned to it.
  • There are two other reports like Income Tax Summary and Income Tax Detail that provide detailed and summarized lists of transactions and the totals.
  • You can also modify reports whenever necessary to include any additional information or data.

QuickBooks offers simplified tax solutions for you irrespective of the plan you are using. Whether you are subscribed for Payroll, Enterprise or even Point of Sale, QuickBooks offers unparalleled tax solutions for your business. Our technical support group contains some qualified and specialized people who can assist you with complex procedures and accounts related work. While using QuickBooks if you ever come across any difficulty, step by step help will be provided which will enable you to use the software easily.

While taxes are unavoidable, you can take out the pain from it by switching to QuickBooks. Track and manage carefully created records and be ready for the tax season.

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